Reginald has returned!

8,888 NFT's

45 ADA

Reginald's Golden Tickets

6th October 2021

White list Sale 19:00 UTC

General Sale 20:00 UTC

About Reginald

The world's most sophisticated Dinosaur has returned to star in his own NFT. 4,000 Reginalds living on the blockchain forever.

10 Lucky Reginald owners will be awarded one of Reginalds Golden Tickets.

Every owner of a full Golden Ticket in March will be airdropped an NFT from the exclusive Reginald Collection "Reginald's Community". "Reginald's Community" NFTs will be exclusive to Golden ticket holders. You will not be able to buy them.

The community will decide the theme for Reginald's new series! We are giving you the input into what you want to see from Reginald.
Reginald's Roadmap

Golden Tickets!

If you weren't lucky to pick out one of Reginald's Golden Tickets everyone has a chance to get one!

For every month you hold a Reginald you will be airdropped 1 of six golden ticket fragment NFT's:

October: Fragment 1

November: Fragment 2

December: Fragment 3

January: Fragment 4

February: Fragment 5

March: Fragment 6

These fragments will be tradeable on CNFT marketplaces so if you miss out on one you will still be able to get a full set.

In March by combining all Fragments 1-6 you will create one golden ticket! This can then be used to redeem your Reginald Community NFT!